Sunday, July 20, 2014


The life of a wildlife rehabilitator can be stressful and harried. I often put in 14-16 hour days caring for injured wild birds. Between administering medical care, changing bandages, feeding, cage cleaning, laundry, and food preparation, I usually fall into bed face first around midnight, and then get up at 5 a.m. to start the process all over again.

So I have very little time to devote to special projects. Even projects that are urgent, like more cage space for birds. But there is a wonderful group of men in Lyme called Those Guys. These intrepid fellows are some of the most generous and caring people I have ever met. Last year, they swooped in and built a state-of-the-art raptor enclosure for the hospital. The hospital paid for materials, and Those Guys set to work, building and installing a mew that will house injured Red-Tailed Hawks, Broadwinged Hawks, Northern Goshawks, and Great Horned Owls.

The addition of this new enclosure will allow me to expand my work, and accept even more injured raptors, which is very exciting.

A big thank you to Those Guys of Lyme, but in particular (as seen in photo from left to right): Tom Hughes, Tom Toner, Dan O'Hara, and Terry Martin. These fellows did the bulk of the work, and I can't thank them enough for their generosity.

Catherine Greenleaf,