Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Record Year for St. Francis Wild Bird Hospital!

Each year, the number of injured and orphaned birds coming into St. Francis Wild Bird Hospital goes up. But this year was a banner year -- with 162 birds!

Of course, as the number of patients being admitted goes up, the greater the need for volunteers to help us out. During 2011, we were very fortunate to have the assistance of a great many skilled and talented volunteers.

Volunteers drove to pick up injured birds, collected donations from citizens, organized supplies, helped with facility cleaning, and the feeding and care of our recuperating feathered friends.

If you are wondering if you can do something to help birds in the Grafton County area, please call us at (603) 795-4850. We are always looking for people interested in the biology and behavior of our state's beautiful birds.

Thanks to all who helped out in 2011 -- Happy New Year!

Catherine Greenleaf,
St. Francis Wild Bird Hospital