Friday, August 26, 2011

Preparing for Hurricane Irene

What is it like to prepare a wild bird facility for the aftermath of a major hurricane? Pretty hectic! With the hurricane measuring at 400-500 miles wide, it is sure to sweep deeply into the Granite State, taking down trees and power lines, and possibly flooding low-lying areas.

Any time there are high winds and trees falling, there is the possibility for injuries to birds.

What do you do if you see an injured bird?

Step One: Be SAFE! There could be power lines or unstable trees just outside your door. If you see an injured bird, call me! (795-4850). If you feel it is safe, you can place the bird in a cardboard box and bring him indoors to dry off and warm up.

Step Two: Do not offer food or water to the bird. If the bird has an internal injury, feeding him or giving him water could kill him.

Step Three: Keep the bird dark, warm and quiet. Bring the bird indoors, but keep him away from the noise and stress of pets, telephone, TV and kids.

Step Four: Keep handling to a minimum. That little bird may be cute, but every time someone handles him, he is more likely not to survive.

Thank you for caring enough to help save injured birds!