Monday, January 24, 2011

Mighty Cold Out There!

Good heavens -- it was -24 degrees last night in the Upper Valley! Brrrrrrrr!!!!

And while we can don extra layers to keep warm, the birds, unfortunately, don't have that option.

You can help the birds by keeping a sharp eye on your backyard. If you see a bird in trouble, here's what to do:

1) Put the bird in a cardboard box. Place a soft towel on the bottom and be sure the box has airholes. If the bird is a hawk or an owl and you are unsure how to pick up the bird, call me at 795-4850.

2)Bring the bird indoors where there is heat. Please do not leave the bird in a garage or on a porch. He will not survive the freezing temperatures. 

3)Do not wait until the next morning. Please call me A.S.A.P. at 795-4850.

Did you know that owls can actually dive through snow to catch mice and voles? Their hearing is so acute they can hear the sound of mice moving under snowfall. However, once a crust of ice forms on the snow, they can no longer break through to feed themselves. This is when owls get into trouble. They starve and become emaciated. Then we get hit with a week of bitterly cold weather like this week, and the owls are in danger of starving to death. If you see an owl standing on the ground or just sitting on a branch and not moving, call me! Chances are good this owl is in distress and needs rehabilitation.

Thanks and keep warm, everyone!

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