Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Protecting Birds from Windows

by Catherine Greenleaf

A good number of injured birds that come to my center have head injuries from flying into a picture window. A bird can knock himself unconscious by flying into glass. If the bird has knocked himself out, you can place him in a cardboard box on a table outside. This will keep him safe from predators like cats until he regains consciousness. If he does not regain consciousness within 30 minutes, then he will need to come to my bird center for treatment.

Consider placing a bird decal on your picture window. These are black or clear plastic decals that will alert the bird they are flying near glass. Sometimes the sun will shine in a particular direction and the bird will be unable to differentiate between the glass and thin air. These decals, quite literally, can make a bird swing up and away just in time to avoid serious injury. There are many bird supply catalogs, like Duncraft, that sell these decals by mail.

You can save many bird's lives by taking this easy step!

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